Lands at SCG Columbus Legacy: A Tournament Report by Scott Matthews

It was only just recently that I was able to obtain the last few cards needed for my Lands deck, so when I heard there was a legacy event in Columbus hosted by SCG, I had to go and put the deck to the test.  A few of my friends from Chicago were already going since one of them actually qualified for the invitational, so it was sure to be a good time regardless of […]

Scott Matthews

Jakob Landry Maggard

What to Do with My Mountains…? by Jakob Landry Maggard

I’ve been getting countless messages, tags on Facebook, Twitter mentions, etc., about new red cards getting spoiled. Do I play this? Is this good? Do you have a list? Do I have to sideboard for this card? This article is mostly just a response to all of that at once and also a eureka moment I had while stuck in traffic. My wife knows about Magic, she knows the rules, and how games play out. […]

Track Your Stack: Part 3 – Your Tracking Dashboard

Track Your Stack: Part 3 – Your Tracking Dashboard Hello and welcome back to the third and final installment of Track Your Stack, a three-part article series covering the administrative fundamentals of managing a successful MTGFinance portfolio. In parts 1 and 2 of this series, we covered the fundamentals of planning and executing a speculative purchase, as well as methods of tracking your true cost of selling. These are the two critical, detail-intensive steps that […]

2016 Mtgfinance schedule (Beta)

  2016 Mtgfinance schedule (Beta)   We all know that mtgfinance is very hard. But most people haven’t actually looked at the big picture, and if you haven’t then you may not realize how complicated it really is. Below is a beta list of the time frames for buying and selling throughout 2016. The hardest thing for most people is that they often get caught up in the mtgfinance story of the day, but there […]

My first purely Finance Speculation, and why it failed

My first purely Finance Speculation, and why it failed For a few years, I had noticed patterns with in Magic’s prices and trends. I never thought much of it back during RTR Block other than having a knack for knowing what to trade for and when. I guess, at that time, I thought I was just a savvy trader. Later came Theros block, where I started to learn more of the details about price trends. I […]

MTGFinance through the lens of Star Wars™

Mtgfinance writers are not Luke, they are yoda’s “Great kid, Don’t get Cocky” – Han Solo (Images from the ‘Star Wars the Gathering’ fan set) Most mtgfinance  gurus think of themselves as a young hero, born with certain innate talents that allow them to see the mtgfinance world in a way that others can not. They spend their time Predicting the trends of card prices In ways that seems almost mystical to others. Manipulating the MTG […]