Wall of Omens: The best card in Modern? (a UWR Twin Primer)



Tristan Woodsmith


Uwr Twin is a great choice for the upcoming GP in Detroit. It is a very difficult deck to play, however, so today I am going to go over some basic tips to playing the deck and recommend a sideboard strategy for various matchups. Let’s start with the list.


2 Spellskite

4 Wall of Omens

4 Deceiver Exarch

1 Pestermite

4 Restoration Angel

2 Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker



4 Lightning Bolt

4 Path to Exile

1 Izzet Charm

4 Remand

2 Electrolyze

4 Splinter Twin



4 Arid Mesa

2 Cascade Bluffs

4 Celestial Colonnade

1 Hallowed Fountain

2 Island

2 Mountain

1 Plains

1 Sacred Foundry

4 Scalding Tarn

2 Steam Vents

1 Sulfur Falls



1 Combust

3 Negate

2 Engineered Explosives

2 Rest in Peace

1 Spellskite

2 Threads of Disloyalty

2 Vendilion Clique

1 Counterflux

1 Celestial Purge


There are basically three open spots in this maindeck. Izzet charm is one of them. The Charm is not a necessary inclusion to the deck but it is nice to have an additional answer to Liliana of the Veil that can double as a removal spell. The second is adding the fourth Restoration Angel to complete the playset. When you have to shift gears into the control deck you want access to the full set. It also has synergy with Spellskite (the third spot) and Wall of Omens, and gives the deck another combo piece.

In the sideboard Engineered Explosives takes the place of Pyroclasm. This is a meta-game decision; EE is better against BG for it kills Lilly and Gofys. It is also an upgrade against Tron, Hexproof and Affinty while Pyroclasm is better against RG, GW, Soul-sisters and other faster decks that require an answer on turn two. Tron and BG are some of this deck’s worst matchups so I have included EE over Pryoclasm for that reason but it could change.

There are a lot of interactions between the cards in this deck and I am going to go over some of the major ones. The first is between Splinter Twin and the best card in the deck: Wall of Omens. If you have an extra Twin or you don’t think you opponent has removal don’t be afraid to put it on a Wall. Drawing two cards a turn will end the game very quickly and provides a chump blocker every turn to buy time until you draw into more gas. The next interaction is between Spellskite and Angel. If you redirect the target of a spell to Skite you can then Angel and blink the Skite countering the spell. This trick is especially effective when your opponent is casting a removal spell on Resto because you can’t blink it with your other Angel. If you find yourself with a Twin on a Restoration Angel, which happens more than one would suspect, playing a Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite will allow an infinite combo: you make a copy of Angel and blink the Exarch and untap the Angel and rinse and repeat.

The beauty of the UWR Twin deck is the ability to change roles from combo to control.  Decks such as BG that present discard, removal and pressure are very hard to combo against and often taking the control route is the best route to victory. Against aggro decks it plays out best as a control deck that uses the combo to win. Look for ways to trade your life total for card advantage and try to beat them with card advantage. After sideboard this plan can be supplemented by taking out some combo pieces to bring in more removal. Let’s get to sideboarding:


Melira Pod


Out 4 Remand 1 Izzet Charm

In 2 Rest in Peace 2 EE 1 Threads of Disloyalty


They have a lot of mana ramp and counters are not what you want to be doing in this matchup. RIP deals with their combo and makes a lot of their value creatures much weaker, allowing you to win the control game. EE is just a mass removal spell to clean up multiple one drop or other threats. Threads is fine in the match up. It’s good against any deck that plays Spellskite, but here it is slightly worse because they play so many sacrifice outlets.


GW Hexproof


Out 4 Bolt 4 Path

In 3 Negate 2 Clique 2 EE 1 Skite


This Matchup is good, they have a hard time beating Skite and your combo is faster than theirs.




Out 4 Remand 2 Bolt 1 Twin 1 Pestermite

In 1 Skite 2 Threads 2 EE 2 RIP 1 Purge


This is one of the bad matchups. Liliana is hard to beat, Thrun is indestructible, they have lots of discard and Decay kills almost every good card in your deck. Remand comes out because temporary answers to their spells is not the way to win the matchup and the only good card to Remand is Liliana. The combo is unreliable so board out some pieces to be less all in on it, Bolt doesn’t kill Gofy or Thrun which are the main threats. RIP is amazing, it shrinks Gofy and makes Deathrite a squire. Threads is also very strong, taking a Gofy or a Bob is an easy way to get ahead. Unfortunately, Abrupt Decay is phenomenal against Threads and fine against RIP so you need to bring in another Skite.


UWR Control


Out 4 Bolt 4 Path 1 Pestermite

In 3 Negate 1 Combust 1 Spellskite 1 RIP 2 Clique 1 Counterflux


This matchup is fairly good, they can almost never tap out on their turn making their Colonnades much worse than yours. Restoration Angel is amazing, they normally don’t have too many ways to kill four-toughness creatures. It allows you to put on pressure and occasionally get card advantage off a Wall. Wall may seem bad in the matchup but it isn’t for three main reasons. Hitting land drops is crucial and any cyclers help hit lands, secondly it blocks Snapcaster which may seem small but when you board out a lot of removal this guy can deal too much damage. Thirdly, the Uwr control deck plays a limited amount of ways to kill four-toughness creatures so playing a Twin on a Wall just wins a lot of games. Even if they do have a way to kill it they are going to want to kill it before the Twin resolves giving you the opportunity to Remand the Twin back to your hand and have them waste one of their few Paths on a Wall. The way to lose this matchup is letting the control deck resolve a large Revelation, so tap out in the first six turns and then hold back and don’t play into the Rev.




Out 4 Bolt 4 Wall 1 Pestermite

In 2 Clique 3 Negate 1 Skite 1 Threads 1 Counterflux 1 Combust


The one time it is correct to board out the best card in the deck. Threads is fine, stealing Skite is very powerful in the matchup, but that doesn’t always happen, sometimes it won’t do anything. When playing this matchup just remember to be careful and apply pressure with Angels.




Out 4 Remand

In 2 EE 1 Spellskite 1 Negate


Their spells are cheap, Remand is very lackluster.  Negate is not great but it counters some important spells. I have not played the matchup a lot and it is very possible that a Clique is better in that spot.




Out 4 Remand 1 Kiki

In 2 Threads 2 EE 1 Skite


This is a very good Matchup. They have little interaction with you combo and you have Wall of Omens! Kiki is often to slow and stumbling with high cost cards is a way you can lose.




Out 4 Bolt 2 Path 1 Wall

In 2 Clique 3 Negate 1 Counterflux 1 Skite


This is a pretty even matchup. The games you lose you normally don’t have much control over. They ramp and kill you with more counters than you had. Do not hesitate on Pathing your Wall if you need land.


This deck is well positioned in the meta-game and a good choice for GP Detroit if you play it correctly. Good luck.